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Building muscles

Do you want to increase your muscle mass? If the reason is to increase your health and strength or if it’s to just look better, it’s gonna take some hard work. Combining a diet customized for you and your lifestyle with the optimal program for your body will create results – as long as YOU put the work in. The idea isn’t to eat bunch of food and then gain just as much fat. What you want to do is to increas muscles and burn the fat away!

A healthy lifestyle

Not being overweight doesn’t mean your body is healthy. Physical activity, low stress and a nutrishious diet is important for everyone, espesially as you grow older. You need to have a set of guidelines that line up with your values to create a lifestyle that promotes health for YOUR life. That also means letting go and enjoying what ever your like once in a while.


You want to loose fat, not muscles. It’s a very important part of every fatloss program and should be prioritezed. The combination of YOUR diet with a training program to make sure you have fast and effectiv results. It doesn’t mean you have to stop living – it’s all about the journey!

What is Online Coaching?

It’s a cheaper but just as an effective way to get help from a personal trainer. Having your trainer in your pocket, watching you and helping you every day is way more effective than just meeting up once or twice a week.

A systematic approch to training and diet, communication and support, packed into a simple tool, which you can read about below.

A mobile app

You have your training plan with you at all times. With film of all exercises you’ll always know what to do, and by entering your weights and reps during training you will always be moving forward instead of staying in place. You also have a chat function and a way to log your body measurements.

Video of all the exercises

You should never have to skip an exercise cause you don’t know it. With a video of all exercises, your’re all set!

How to get started!




An easy and simple registration on this website.



You fill in the consultation form. This will give me insight into what your goals are and how we’ll work together to achieve them.



Training program

I’ll create your workouts based on the information you give me. The complete setup will be completely individualized for you and your lifestyle.

Diet recommendations

I’ll make diet recommendations for you, which are tightly combined with your training. Both are important, and they work together in synergy.


Follow up

I will follow your training and diet and give you weekly tips and adjustments based on your progress. This will keep you focused over longer period and make sure we are always moving forward.


Every month we’ll evaluate what was good and what can be done better. This is important to know so we can make the need adjustments and do better than previous month.

Who is Aevi.Fitness?

Elís Mar Einarsson

Elís Mar Einarsson

Personal trainer

About Aevi
Aevi comes from the word Ævi, which means a lifetime in Icelandic. In lating, Aevitas means the same thing. Aevi is about having a goal of taking care of yourself, for better health and a stronger body which will last a lifetime. To not loose focus of today’s day and make the journey the goal. That’s a lifestyle that allows celebration without loosing sight of your life’s fitness goals and without negative impact on your health.

About Elís

My name is Elís, I’m from Iceland and I’m a certified personal trainer from the Academy of Personal Training in Norway – one of the world’s leading education for personal trainers. I’ve also taken the Bayesian Bodybuilding personal trainer course, which is a very scientific driven way to approach training.

My fitness goal is ultimately to grow older without needing assistance to walk and stand up. A more short term goal is to become stronger and to increase my musclemass and to take care of my health. I have periods where I focus on different kind of training and goals, if it’s pure strength, higher intensity or better cardio. Through the years, with the help of training and dieting, I’ve lost around 15-20 kg of weight, then building myself up with around 10-15 kg of muscles. It’s a long journey and I’m enjoying every step of it. I’m never stressed out that I haven’t reached my goals yet as I’m already happy with me as I am.

Training philosophy
Training should be a part of life, and it should make you feel good and not increase stress in your life. Training should have periods of goal oriented training combined with periods of training for play and for the fun of it. The goals can be performance related; how heavy you lift, how fast you run or it can be based on how you look and feel; your weight and fat percentage, how your cloths fit or how well you sleep and your daily energy levels.

Diet philosophy

Having a healthy relationship towards food is important. Food shouldn’t hold you a prisoner and increase stress in your life, while you wonder what to eat and how much. No food should be of limits, and the choices you make reflect your longer term goals and not your temporary feelings. Having a system in place is often what’s keeping you away from the results you are looking for, and making one should be based on your life, your lifestyle and your goals.

Personal training

Training with a personal trainer
  • Learning technique
  • Customized training plan
  • E-book about training and diet
  • Diet recommedations
  • Training log on the internet/mobile
  • Video of all exercises
  • Continious follow up
  • Evaluation after each month
  • Measurement of body composition
  • Get feedback on your form
  • 1 – 2 persons
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