Hey [user_firstname] and welcome to the second issue of Aevi Group Fitness!!

We’re still in the starting phase and getting the feel for what this group is and how it’ll be, but so far we’re super happy with the positive feedback we’ve received!

For us this is longterm, because live, as you know, is longterm. And so is your health and fitness. That means we we’ll keep trying to provide you with knowledge, motivation and inspiration. Fresh new recipies and some fun but effective workouts!

This past month Elís has been super excited about doing handstands.
“I spent a lot of my childhood being upside down, but somewhere on the way I stopped. I tried out yoga last fall, and since Christmas time I’ve made sure I’m at least spending at least part of my day upside down. And what a progress I’ve made! I’m super stoked and kind of surprised 😛 But still far from perfect and far away from where I want to be. Luckily I enjoy the journey, and never expect to reach perfect – but I sure will try!”

As a member of our group, you also have access to us, Elís and Ben, for any question you might have, so always feel free to send us a line 🙂 We’re here to help!

Working out is always more fun with friends, so remember that you can get your friends and family 15% of their first month by using your personal code which you can find here. And to show our appriciation we’ll give you 15% of your next month as well! 🙂

Training Plan

Each month you’ll get a new training plan. There is a 3 and a 4 workouts per week options. Try to stay with one option through out the month, but if you do have variable weeks, then at least try to stick to one plan each week.

For your rest days try to stay active. Take a walk, jog or climb a hill/mountain. Do some mobility or perform the quick fix circuit you can find below.

Day 1
A1 Goblet Squat or Back Squat 3 x 8
A2 Millitary Press 3 x 8
B1 Back extension 3 x 10
B2 Dumbbell Bench Press 3 x 8
C1 Single Arm Pulldown 4 x 10
C2 Lying Leg Raises 3 x 10-20
D1 Overhead Triceps extension 3 x 8
Day 2
A Deadlift or Back extension 4 x 8
B1 Bulgarian Split Squat 3 x 8 per leg
B2 Assisted Pullup or Lat Pulldown 3 x 10
C1 Standing Dumbell Shoulder Press 3 x 10
C2 Flies in cable (standing or sitting) 3 x 12
D1 Facepull 3 x 12
D2 Leg Extension 2 x 10
Day 3
A1 Goblet Squat or Back Squat 3 x 8
A2 Millitary Press 3 x 8
B Single Arm Cable Rows 4 x 8
C1 Pushups 3 x 10
C2 Leg Curls 3 x 8
D1 Lying Leg Raises 3 x 10-20
D2 Dumbbell bicep curls 3 x 10
Day 1 & 3
A1 Goblet Squat or Back Squat 3 x 8
A2 Millitary Press 3 x 8
B1 Back extension 3 x 10
B2 Dumbbell Bench Press 3 x 8
C1 Single Arm Pulldown 3 x 10
C2 Plank 3 x 1 min
D1 Facepull 3 x 12
Day 2
A1 Assisted Pullup or Lat Pulldown 3 x 10
A2 Millitary Press 3 x 8
B1 Single Arm Cable Rows 3 x 8
B2 Pushups 3 x 10
C1 Facepull 3 x 12
C2 Flies in cable (standing or sitting) 3 x 12
D1 Dumbbell bicep curls 2 x 10
Day 4
A Deadlift or Back extension 3 x 8
B Hip Thrust 4 x 10
C1 Bulgarian Split Squat  3 x 8 per leg
C2 Lying Leg Raises 3 x 10-20
D Leg Curls 3 x 8
E1 Leg Extension 2 x 10
E2 Overhead Triceps extension 2 x 8
Quick Fix 🙂
A1 Jump Squats 3-5 x 10-15
A2 Pushups 3-5 x 10
B1 Mountain Climber (dynamic) 3-5 x 20 per leg
B2 Glute Bridge – elevated single legged 3-5 x 10-15 per leg

Here’s an mobility exercise for your knee. You can either use your other leg, or a broomstick (or what ever you have available). Start all the way at the top, and work your way down to the middle of your leg.

And here’s a fun but challenging hip rotational drill. Try to only move the leading leg until you hit your limits, before moving the trailing leg.

Exercise Tips

Each month we’ll go through some exercises and take a look at their techniqe indepth. Some months will also include a challenge to really push improvements in a certain area.

Exercise #1

This time we’ll go over the squat techniqe.

We’ll talk about the absolutt basic concept of squatting which you can, and should, take with you into all different type of squats and leg exercises.

When you’ve mastered the basics and build up strenght in your legs and joints, then we can start to play with variations and explore what our body is capable off!

Diet & Lifestyle

Each month we’ll focus on one or two different things in your diet and lifestyle.

There are a lot of different things that affect your body and you might have to change more in your diet and lifestyle than just those two, but we all got to start somewhere. Also remember that every small improvement you make is positive and will lead you towards a healthier life and body 🙂

This time we’ll focus on your mindset when it comes to dieting and working towards your goals, and then we’ll take a look at why you should be eating your vegetables!

Long term mindset!

You need to approach your way towards a healthy body differently. If you have tried diets before; some quick fixes promising an amazing body in 30 days or some detox supplements that’ll get rid of all your problems – you’ve been doing it wrong.

Yeah you might lose a couple of kgs here and there and feel better. But as soon as you revert back to normal, the normal you comes back.

The problems lie in what’s your “normal” behaviour. Your lifestyle and your daily choices. You current normal is what allows your body and health to be like it is now. If that’s not optimal and where you want to be, then you need to change your normal – your lifestyle.

As cliché as it sounds, a true lifestyle change is the only thing that supports a long term weight and health change. Losing weight is simple. It’s doing the work that it takes that’s hard. And doing it weeks on end, months on end and years on end! That’s the solution. That’s the magic.

Changing your lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to give up on all nice things in life. You can still eat cake, celebrate your birthday and have a glass or ten of wine once in awhile. But it’s what you do in between the occasions that dictate your results.

The results are nothing more than a byproduct of your lifestyle. People that have a healthy lifestyle usually have a healthy body, not the other way around.

So get rid of the mentality that you’ll go on a diet or a cut now, and then when you reach your goal you can finally be happy and live your life – and revert to your old habits only to find you at the same place as before.

The lifestyle is the goal. The results are what happens when you live your life!

Vegetables, fruits and berries

Fruits and vegetables should be a part of a healthy lifestyle. This is something that everyone knows, yet so many aren’t eating enough of them.

Most of us have been taught to consume 5 cups or servings per day. This is, just like all recommendations, a minimum and not a maximum. What we now know is that up to 8 servings, or 800gr per day has even MORE health benefits. And again, this is minimum numbers we’re talking about. If you are an active person and/or a strength training person, you might want to aim higher!

So ask yourself. Are you eating enough vegetables? Are you only eating fruits? Are you doing this daily or just once in awhile?

Vegetables dominate all other food groups when it comes to nutrients per calorie. Meaning you can eat a lot of vegetables to get a lot of vitamins and other nutrients, but you’ll consume few calories. The majority of your dietary fiber should also come from this food group.

And now you’re probably asking yourself – how the h#ll can I eat 1kg of fruits, vegetables and berries a day?! 🙂 The answer is planning and spreading it out throughout the day. So for each meal you’ll be eating, make sure you include something from this group.

  1. If you eat 4 meals a day, it means you should have on average 250gr of fruits, berries or vegetables per meal.
  2. 100gr blueberries, 1 kiwi and 1 apple for breakfast or desert.
  3. 100gr greens and 150gr mixed vegetables for lunch and dinner.

Use frozen products as well. They are not worse, and often better. You’re probably more likely to throw fresh products away as well, since they might go bad before you eat them.

And remember. The vegetables are a part of the meal, so you can spice them, sauce them and make them taste however you like 🙂


New recipies every month to give you some inspiration and ideas on how to make nutritious meals. If you have a great recipe that you wish to share, then please e-mail it to us here! 🙂

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