Hey [user_firstname] and welcome to the third issue of Aevi Group Fitness!! 

This month we’ll do what’s THE most important part of your fitness journey. Just keep going. The only thing that’s between you and success, is you stopping and NOT putting in the work. Luckily for you – and me – is that the work needed to be done isn’t hard or complicated. But it still needs to be done, over and over and over again.

A new set of workouts is ready with some new and some old exercises. For the old exercises just keep grinding and keep trying to increase your weight and reps little by little. For the new ones, use the first week to get used to it, and work on the technique and movement before starting to load it up with a bit heavier loads 🙂 Next month we’ll go a bit deeper into the concept of how to progress and how heavy and hard you should really be working out for maximum results! 🙂 And since I’m already mentioning next month, we’ll be switching gears and talking fast fatloss tips – but within the same framework of what we’ve been talking about so far. Stay tuned 😉

We’re also launching the first version of the calorie calculator. We definitely don’t feel like you have to count calories, but if that’s something you want to do or try, there you can get a pretty good estimate of how many calories you should be consuming, and how you could spread them out on training days and rest days. Check it out!

As a member of our group, you also have access to us, Elís and Ben, for any question you might have, so always feel free to send us a line 🙂 We’re here to help!

Working out is always more fun with friends, so remember that you can get your friends and family 15% of their first month by using your personal code which you can find here. And to show our appriciation we’ll give you 15% of your next month as well! 🙂

Training Plan

Each month you’ll get a new training plan. There is a 3 and a 4 workouts per week options. Try to stay with one option through out the month, but if you do have variable weeks, then at least try to stick to one plan each week. If you don’t have a lot of time but would like to hit the gym anyway, use the Quick Fix as an inspiration.

For your rest days try to stay active. Take a walk, jog or climb a hill/mountain. Do some mobility or perform the quick fix circuit you can find below.

Day 1
A Goblet Squat or Back Squat 4 x 8
B1 Pulldown w/ a small grip 4 x 10
B2 Pushups 4 x 10
C1 Pull Throughs 4 x 12
C2 Single Arm Rows w/ dumbell 4 x 10
D1 Plank 3 x 60 sec
D2 Overhead Triceps extension 3 x 8
Day 2
A1 Sumo Deadlift or Back extension 4 x 8
A2 Pushups 4 x 10
B Lat Pressdown 3 x 10
C1 Leg Extensions 4 x 10
C2 Butterfly Raises 4 x 10
D1 Side plank 3 x 20-40 sec per side
D2 Dumbbell bicep curls 3 x 10
Day 3
A Bulgarian Split Squat 4 x 8 per leg
B1 Pulldown w/ a small grip 4 x 10
B2 Single arm shoulder press 4 x 8
C1 Facepulls 4 x 10
C2 Leg Curls 4 x 8
D1 Pallof press (static) 3 x 20-40 breaths/sec per side
D2 Flies in Cable (standing or sitting) 3 x 10
Day 1 & 3
A Bulgarian Split Squat 3 x 8 per leg
B1 Pulldown w/ a small grip 3 x 10
B2 Pushups 3 x 10
C1 Single Arm Rows w/ dumbell 3 x 10 per arm
C2 Leg Curls 3 x 8
D1 Butterfly Raises 3 x 10
D2 Pallof press (static) 3 x 20-40 sec per side
Day 2
A Back Squat or Goblet Squat 3 x 8
B1 Lat Pressdown 4 x 10
B2 Single arm shoulder press 4 x 8 per arm
C1 Leg Extensions 3 x 10
C1 Plank 3 x 60 sec
D Dumbbell bicep curls 3 x 10
Day 4
A Sumo Deadlift or Back extension 3 x 8
B1 Pull Throughs 4 x 12
B2 Facepulls 4 x 10
B3 Flies in Cable (sitting or standing) 4 x 10
C1 Side plank 3 x 20-40 sec per side
C2 Overhead Triceps extension 3 x 8
Quick Fix 3
A1 Goblet Squat 3-5 x 10-20
A2 Dumbbell Bench Press 3-5 x 10
A3 Single Arm Rows w/ dumbell 3-5 x 10
A4 Standing Dumbell Shoulder Press 3-5 x 10
A5 Plank 3-5 x 60 sec

Here are two different ways to work with your back’s ability to move. We should both be able to round our back and lean backwards without problems. These are not quick fixes, but can help to increase your back mobility over time. Think smaller doses of 5-10 min multiple times a week for 6-12 months for any permanent results 🙂

Using a double ball

Using a foam roller

Challenge time

Each month we’ll go through some exercises and take a look at their techniqe indepth. Some months will also include a challenge to really push improvements in a certain area.

The 10 min squat

This month we’re changing things up and doing a challenge 🙂 The goal of the challenge twofold – daily commitment to a task and to actually improve our bottom position in the squat. I recommend that you head over to Issue 2 and watch the squat technique video, because it’s good to understand good mechanics and try to improve those, and not just hang out in the bottom in a bad position.

As you can see in the attached video, I’m not staying still during the squat. I’m moving, trying different positions and just getting a feel for both the position and my body. Life isn’t static – and our exercising or movements don’t need to be either 🙂

Week 1: Each day spend 10 x 1 min in the bottom of the squat. Spread it throughout the day as needed.
Week 2: Each day spend 5 x 2 min in the bottom of the squat. Spread it throughout the day as needed.
Week 3: Each day spend 3 x 4 min in the bottom of the squat. Spread it throughout the day as needed.
Week 4: Each day spend 2 x 5 min in the bottom of the squat. Spread it throughout the day as needed.
Last day of the challenge: Spend 1 x 10 min in the bottom of the squat.

I recommend that you try filming or taking a picture during your first week and then again during the final test.

Diet & Lifestyle

The word diet comes from the Greek word diaita which means ‘a way of life’. It doesn’t mean dietting, loosing weight, food restriction and stress over what you eat.

Our mission with this group is to help you relax and don’t fixate to much on the small stuff, and think about your lifestyle and diet as a whole – as something you can live with and enjoy, while also give you the fitness and health results that you want. It takes time, which is why we only focus on few things at at time. Check past issues to see what we’ve done so far. This month we’ll discuss the importance of fats, and the concept of calories for health.

A Diet For Health

So here’s an idea.

What if calories weren’t only that thing that controls your weight? Or if they weren’t there only to increases your stress because all day long you think about what you should and shouldn’t eat, and if it makes you fat or thin or if it’s healthy or unhealthy?

What if your calories could increase your lifespan and give you a strong well functioning body, while at the same time reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes 2, cancer and other lifestyle diseases? What if you let go of the idea that food is either healthy or unhealthy, and instead started to see them as more nutritious or less nutritious?

So what if the food you consume includes proteins, our building blocks for not only muscles but also organs and practically every cell in our body.

And what if the food you eat includes vitamins, enzymes and co-factors that make your body tick and your bodily functions work like clockwork?

And imagine if your food included enough fiber to aid fat loss, keep your blood pressure in check and lower your risk for various health problems?

Don’t you think that a body that gets all the nutrition it needs will function better than one that doesn’t? And don’t you think a better functioning body will be more effective to use the food we eat and burn more calories, feel better and experience less pain?

So from now on, think of your food as a source of nutrition that will support a healthy body. You have more nutritious foods and then you have less nutritious foods – not healthy and unhealthy. This might take you a while to grasp, but it’s freeing in the long run. And all of a sudden you don’t look at sugar as unhealthy, but just as calories without nutrition. That means sugar won’t support your quest for a healthier body. But is also means it won’t make it unhealthier. Unless you now think you can eat all the sugar in the world and completely missed the point of this article – in which case I recommend you read it again 🙂


Fats used to have a bad rep, and people avoided it like the plague. With the rise of the paleo, low carb, ketogenic diets, more people understand and know the importance and health benefits of including fats in your diet.

Fats play a huge role in our body and shouldn’t be thought of as only a high energy substance for us to gain weight. Fats include vitamins and building blocks for our body to function properly and are vital to life.

When we talk about fats, we’re really talking about fatty acids. Polyunsaturated fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids or saturated fatty acids. The names have nothing to do with how they function in our body, and everything to do with their chemical structure. Saturated fats as an example are not called saturated because they saturate your arteries with fat.

As a minimum, you should be consuming 20% of your calories from fats. For optimal health and performance boost you should be closer to 40%. Women tend to have even greater positive effect of a higher fat diets.

Consuming these amounts of fats will help your hormonal system work as it should, which includes testosterone, estrogen, growth hormone and IGF-1 – important hormones not only for your results in the gym but your general health and wellbeing. This includes both men and women.

You should consume a mix of all the different types of fatty acids, and aim for at least 3g of Omega-3 (EPA and DHA) per day. Omega-3s will help reduce inflammation, protect muscle damage and increase the signaling for building muscles.

As you know after reading the article on protein, fat intake should not affect the amount of protein you eat. And if you’re not a person that does high intensity sports, and the most training you do is jogging and strength training, then fats should be filled up before adding in carbs.


New recipies every month to give you some inspiration and ideas on how to make nutritious meals. If you have a great recipe that you wish to share, then please e-mail it to us here! 🙂

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