About Aevi
Aevi comes from the word Ævi, which means a lifetime in Icelandic. In lating, Aevitas means the same thing. Aevi is about having a goal of taking care of yourself, for better health and a stronger body which will last a lifetime. To not loose focus of today’s day and make the journey the goal. That’s a lifestyle that allows celebration without loosing sight of your life’s fitness goals and without negative impact on your health.
Training philosophy

Training should be a part of life, and it should make you feel good and not increase stress in your life. Training should have periods of goal oriented training combined with periods of training for play and for the fun of it. The goals can be performance related; how heavy you lift, how fast you run or it can be based on how you look and feel; your weight and fat percentage, how your cloths fit or how well you sleep and your daily energy levels.

Diet philosophy

Having a healthy relationship towards food is important. Food shouldn’t hold you a prisoner and increase stress in your life, while you wonder what to eat and how much. No food should be of limits, and the choices you make reflect your longer term goals and not your temporary feelings. Having a system in place is often what’s keeping you away from the results you are looking for, and making one should be based on your life, your lifestyle and your goals.