Welcome to Aevi Group Fitness

Join group of likeminded people that want to live a healthy and active lifestyle! Learn what it takes to create a lifestyle that supports your goals.

Each month we’ll focus on a different aspect of life that will take us one step closer to our goal, while we also learn to enjoy the journey.

New Workouts every 4 weeks!

New training plan every 4 weeks to keep things interesting and fun, while being able to keep progressing and get stronger every month!

You’ll have the choice between 3 and 4 times a week plans, as well as shorter quick fixes workouts for when time isn’t on your side or you need to workout from home.

Every month showcases different exercises and challenges and we’ll also work on our mobility.

Diet and Lifestyle

The idea is to create a simple and sustainable approach to diet and training, so expect some simple, effective and actionable diet and lifestyle tips.

We want to teach you about nutrition in a simple way that makes sense, as well as helping your create your own routine and lifestyle that you can sustain.

Our recipes aren’t fancy and don’t require that you buy a lot of ingredients that will just sit on your self afterwards.

Track your workouts on our mobile app!

You’ll have a access to our mobile app where you can get access to the current months training plan.

You can track each workout, both strength and cardio.

Fill in your weights and reps, look at the exercise techniqe video and compare your numbers to all previous workouts!

Motivation and Accountability

A huge benefit of being a part of a likeminded group is the motivation we all give each other!

Having the same workouts and access to the same information also creates accountability which helps you show up to the gym and do the work!

You’ll have access to the private facebook group where we share tips, challenges and success stories!

Join now!

Only $25 / 4 weeks!

(Since we’re in Norway the real price is 199nok, so the above is an estimate)