Keep track of your fitness

Tracking your workouts keeps you pushing forward.

We’ll provide you with the best plan for your lifestyle and goal, keep you accountable and motivated and make sure you get the results you’re looking for.

Research & Movement Based Fitness

Our coaching is based on what research shows what works. There are no circus exercises and magic pills, just a well thought out plan for you to follow.

We tailor the plan based on your lifestyle, and won’t force you to follow a plan that doesn’t fit you or your life.

Routine and strategy

We’ll create a strategy around your routine. Routine is the fast way to increase you fitness and health.


Resistance training will be the base of your training plan. Strength is linked with better health and faster results.


Eating quality food is important for your results and health. We’ll look at meal timing and macro nutrients as well.

Elís Mar Einarsson

Elís Mar Einarsson

Certified Personal Trainer and Movement Specialist

“My ultimate goal is to be able to move around and go about life when I’m 80 years old. For that to happen I need to be strong and have the full range of human movement, and keep at it as long as I live”.

Online Coaching

Online Coaching

Get coaching from whereever you are in the world

Having an online trainer is like having your trainer in your pocket at all times. You’ll receive full attention and a tailored plan towards your fitness goal – no matter what it may be.

Personal Training

Personal Training

In person training provides the best learning experience.

Training isn’t just about lifting as much weight possible. How you lift, and how you move can make the difference between a lifelong fitness and a short lived period where you crash and burn.


Online Coaching for people from all over the world wishing to work hard and learn how to increase their fitness for live.