Training Programs






Here you can find out training programs. Each program is delivered on our mobile app where you’ll have videos of all exercises, the possibility to log the weights, reps for each workout to keep track of your progress.

Lifetime of Health

Lifetime of Health – In Norwegian.

The program has 4 phases, one every 5 weeks, that repeat until you cancel. You’ll get strength, cardio and mobility workouts, to create you optimal healthy lifestyle.

In addition to the training, you’ll receive diet and lifestyle information each phase, including a recipe e-book, with meal plan, shopping list and healthy and nutritous meals! 

12 week Kickstart program

A 12 week program split into three 4 week phases. You’ll get full-body workouts for the gym, simple mobility workouts and cardio recommendations. 

Lifetime of Fitness

In our Lifetime of Fitness program, you’ll receive new workouts every 5 weeks for 35 weeks before restarting the cycle.

You’ll get anywhere from 3 to 5 workouts each 5 week period.